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Significance of Big Data in Enterprises


In this cyber age, there is an huge explosion of data. Handling such vast quantities of data requires specialised tools and techniques. Read on to know the significance of Big Data in enterprises…

In this cyber age, there is an huge explosion of data. Handling such vast quantities of data requires specialised tools and techniques. Considering the tremendous potential for Big Data, the present era could well be named the Big Data Era.

The volume of data produced in cyberspace is exponentially growing. With more than 2.7 zetabytes of data in the digital world today, we are facing an information overload. Thanks to big data analysis, companies are able to use this information any way they like. From marketing to product distribution, data can leverage your business in many ways

The analysis and distillation of Big Data in combination with various traditional enterprise data, leads to the development of a more thorough and insightful understanding of the business, for enterprises. It can lead to greater productivity, greater innovation and a stronger competitive position.

Big Data has been really playing quite a significant role in a number of enterprise applications, which is why large enterprises are spending millions on it. Let’s have a look at a few scenarios where these enterprises are benefiting by implementing Big Data techniques.

Big Data for Analytics
With so many uncertainties with the organizations today, the value of huge datasets cannot be overstressed. In the latest trend, it is seen that targeted marketing of a particular item from a US-based retailer utilizes various methods to identify customers requiring that particular product based on the information gathered on purchase pattern. This was accomplished by assigning an ID to the customer and their purchases were tracked. This was done to anticipate buying pattern of the customer to design targeted campaigns for marketing.

Big Data for Social Media
Various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn wouldn’t have existed without Big Data. The personalised experience provided by them to their different users can only be delivered by storing and using all the available data about that user or member.

The Road Ahead
The volume of information in the digitized world is increasing every day. Big data analysis can help your business understand the demands of the market and act accordingly. Reach out to the leading platforms, which are known for their expertise in big data analysis. From marketing to after-sales services, big data technology can improve your business.

According to Tom Peters, a best selling author of business management books, “Organisations that do not understand the overwhelming importance of managing data and information as tangible assets in the new economy, will not survive.” Hence, the Big Data promise has really motivated businesses and enterprises to invest. We need to continue researching and designing new technologies and techniques to provide a fast and reliable path for various businesses to adopt Big Data. We need to keep improving our skills and managing various open source tools and technologies to leverage the best Big Data capabilities. This will help various enterprises to manage the increasing data sets and use them effectively.

Big Data is indeed the next big thing and what enterprises need today is the Big Data Consulting services and enterprise Big Data solutions. Big Data is here to stay as an important part of enterprises.


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