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Virtual Artifacts Leverages Oracle Cloud


Oracle announced Virtual Artifacts, has used Oracle Cloud to help launch its innovative social network for mobile applications, the Hibe Mobile Application Network (Hibe). To prepare for future growth and scale, the company invested in Oracle Cloud including Oracle Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.

Hibe enables different mobile apps to communicate with each other while safeguarding their users’ privacy and data security. Built on an AI-driven proprietary privacy engine, Hibe lets mobile users connect, interact and transact together, each from their app of choice, removing the inconvenience of having to switch between applications and keeping communications synched and in one place.

“Mobile technology typically makes our lives easier but not when it comes to communicating.  Currently, apps users can’t communicate, share photos, music, videos and more, on their own terms. Hibe totally changes this,” said Jean Dobey, VA’s founder and CEO.

The Hibe platform leverages Oracle Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, including a number of Oracle Autonomous Cloud services, to support its current operations and anticipated growth.  Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud provides an easy to set up and use data store for the Hibe platform.  Additionally, Hibe uses Oracle’s IaaS and Oracle Mobile Cloud’s AI-driven intelligent chatbot to support developers and app users.

“With 4.7 billion users on 6 million mobile applications available in the leading app stores, our ability to grow exponentially and globally is critical. We need a cloud provider that shares our values on privacy, is agile and can work closely with us to build specific solutions. Oracle was the only vendor who could meet all of our requirements,” said VA COO Stéphane Lamoureux

“The launch of the Hibe platform showcases the capabilities of Oracle’s Cloud. We essentially become the back end globally, leaving Virtual Artifacts to concentrate on its business,” said Oracle Group Vice President and Chief Architect Christopher Chelliah.

As a next step, VA will work with Oracle to develop the Hibe Marketplace, including an AI-driven advertising engine to match items with interested consumers connected to the Hibe platform through their respective mobile applications. Additionally, content hosting and distribution on the Hibe platform will be further secured with the introduction of the Hibe Blockchain, which is being built in collaboration with Oracle.



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