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Spirion releases new data discovery and classification cloud offering


Spirion announced the release of its new SaaS platform, Data Privacy Manager. The new cloud platform builds upon Spirion’s proven architecture implemented on-premise by thousands of businesses, agencies, and universities to protect the privacy of more than 50 million individuals.

The launch aligns with Spirion’s holistic Data Privacy Management Framework. The company’s framework describes a persistent approach to help enterprises prioritize and protect what matters most―by accurately discovering and classifying sensitive data, understanding the data within the context of their business, and taking actions to control the data so they can operate with minimal friction and comply with regulations designed to protect personal data privacy.

Gartner estimates that “before year-end 2023, more than 80% of companies worldwide will face at least one privacy-focused data protection regulation.” Further, Gartner recommends that “security and risk management (SRM) leaders who focus on technology, information, and resilience risk should be proactive by adopting governance agility instead of responding to each jurisdictional challenge. To get ahead of the curve, build a holistic and adaptive privacy program that scales across the organization.”*

“Spirion builds and delivers the most accurate data discovery and classification solutions available, giving enterprises an actionable foundation for their data privacy and security initiatives,” said Kevin Coppins, President, and CEO of Spirion. “With the cloud launch of Data Privacy Manager, Spirion further strengthens our customers’ ability to automatically identify their sensitive data, where it is stored, who has access, and when it was last used while also reducing friction and improving productivity.”

Data Privacy Manager
Spirion’s Data Privacy Manager sits at the core of its flexible and scalable architecture, providing optimal performance for ever-growing volumes of data to ensure high-precision discovery and classification of sensitive data types, both structured and unstructured, across on-premise and cloud-based environments. The highly configurable platform is compatible with Windows, Apple OSX and Red Hat Linux, allowing organizations to build limitless agents that can search for sensitive data faster across:

• Cloud: Office 365, SharePoint, Box, G Suite, Dropbox, MongoDB, and Bitbucket
• On-premise Systems: Desktops and workstations, application and infrastructure servers, exchange and SharePoint servers
• Structured and Unstructured Storage: File servers, database servers, MySQL, SAN, and Oracle databases


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