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SCADAfence joins forces with Mitsubishi


SCADAfence Collaborates with Mitsubishi Electric to Address Security of Smart Factories

SCADAfence joins Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory alliance

SCADAfence, recently joined Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory Alliance.

SCADAfence joins the alliance to enhance its collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric and to work together to address the growing need to secure OT networks as manufacturers adopt smart factory technologies. The collaboration will allow Mitsubishi Electric’s customers to find cybersecurity solutions that best solve their needs and ensure their security as they increase the connectivity.

The e-F@ctory Alliance program provides customers with access to Mitsubishi-compatible, complementary products and technologies, from the simple device-level to the enterprise system-standard, to increase productivity and stay ahead of the competition. Like other e-F@ctory Alliance members, SCADAfence solutions are thoroughly tested with Mitsubishi Electric products, ensuring compatibility and ease of implementation.

“We see the e-F@ctory Alliance as a significant opportunity, and we look forward to collaborating with an Industry 4.0 leader like Mitsubishi,” said SCADAfence CEO, Elad Ben-Meir. “This collaboration enables SCADAfence to offer Mitsubishi Electric customers security solutions that enable visibility, risk management, and threat detection in OT networks. Partnering with Mitsubishi Electric is another important part of our commitment to our customers using Mitsubishi products and more generally, our wide range of customers and partners in APAC.”


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