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Microsoft releases the Windows Sandbox


Source: CW | By Sean Bradley

Microsoft has released the Windows Sandbox software for general use, allowing Windows users to open files in a safe environment on their computer.

Sandbox software has been around for a long time but this is the first time Microsoft has released its own version of the software to its users, meaning you will no longer have to download a third party program to access the feature.

The software is currently available in the Windows Insider build 18305, Windows Pro or Enterprise Edition.

Sandbox software allows the user to create a ‘virtual’ computer on their desktop, where files can be opened and used safely without worry of what it will do to the rest of your machine. This virtual environment is separate from the rest of your computer, so anything that takes place here will not be permanent and will simply end when you close the window.

The sandbox software has the following properties:

* It’s a part of windows and so will be naturally included in Windows 10
* Every time the Windows Sandbox runs it will be a brand-new installation of Windows
* Nothing remains in this installation and everything is deleted after you close the application
* Windows Sandbox is kept separate from the rest of your system so there is no chance anything can affect the rest of your machine.

While this software may not be something the average Windows user would make regular use of, having easy access to it will provide more useful utility built directly into Windows.

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