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CenturyLink and IBM Collaborate


CenturyLink and IBM Collaborate to Enhance Network Experiences.In today’s fast-paced IT environment, it has become critical for hybrid cloud solutions to support digital transformation strategy. According to IDC, companies with a defined hybrid cloud strategy achieve 2.5x higher gross profits. The network plays a crucial role in defining the strategy to help migrate and protect your data, connect to key resources, and innovate quickly.

IBM Cloud Network infrastructure solutions are tailored to reduce overall network complexity and improve the experiences of customers, helping them tackle demanding business requirements and workloads with ease. IBM’s extended collaboration with CenturyLink Cloud Connect Solutions via IBM Cloud Direct Link that will further enhance user experiences at enterprise scale.

As of leading organizations require security-rich connections, reliable uptime, flexible bandwidth, and low latency for digital transformation. CenturyLink and IBM can together empower customers by offering multiple connectivity models through CenturyLink Cloud Connect Solutions, including Wavelength, Carrier Ethernet, and IP VPN. With a virtualized networking functionality, high performance, and flexible deployment options, CenturyLink supports IBM Resiliency Services, IBM Managed Services, and, now, IBM Cloud Direct Link at a global scale.

The goal in CenturyLink’s integration with IBM Cloud Direct Link was to bring a network experience that simplifies and enhances the cloud experience. Together, CenturyLink Cloud Connect and IBM Cloud Direct Link provide enterprises with two choices for private connectivity to the IBM Cloud:Direct Link Connect and Direct Link Dedicated.Both options are offered on a global basis and optimize network architecture for low-latency and high performance. They’re designed to satisfy even the most demanding enterprise workloads and compliment your hybrid cloud strategy.


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