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Can Facebook Compete with Google by Designing its Own Operating System


Recently, Facebook revealed that it is coming with its own operating system that will drive its hardware. Read on to know more about it…

Recently, Facebook revealed that it is coming with its own operating system that will drive its hardware especially Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets like Oculus and video calling devices like Portal that currently runs Google’s Android OS. By bringing out its own operating system, Facebook could integrate more indigenous features into its devices and hopefully create custom OS for its AR glasses or Portal devices. However, Facebook does not intend to create an operating system for smartphones where currently, Android share hovers around 87% globally. According to a report in The Information, Facebook has given the task to build its own OS to Mark Lucovsky, the co-author of Microsoft’s OS called Windows NT.

One of the reason why Facebook is coming out with its own operating system is the fact that Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices is a huge market and Facebook is aiming to build its OS for the currently early-stage connected devices. Facebook already has teams working on its own custom silicon chips and a voice assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Facebook said that it is too early to definitely comment because the details of the OS are not out yet.

Facebook OS
Facebook told TechCrunch the focus of its own operating system is on what’s needed for AR glasses. It’s exploring all the options right now, including potentially partnering with other companies or building a custom OS specifically for Augmented Reality. One of the advantage of moving to a Facebook-owned operating system is that it could make it tougher to force Facebook to spin out some of its acquisitions, especially if Facebook goes with Instagram branding for its future augmented reality glasses.

Facebook has been aiming at improving its hardware experience for the enterprise as well. And, therefore, the company will now be using Portal to run its Workplace video calls. Additionally, the mediareports that the company has been working on its own custom chip hardware, alongside the voice assistant development.

Facebook has always been sore about not owning an operating system and having to depend on the courtesy of some of its biggest rivals like Google and Apple. Apple, whose CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly thrown jabs at Facebook and its chief Mark Zuckerberg over privacy and data collection. In a previous hedge against the power of the mobile operating systems, Facebook worked on a secret project codenamed Oxygen circa 2013 that would help it distribute Android apps from outside the Google Play store if necessary, Vox’s Kurt Wagner reported.

Privacy Issues
By moving to its own OS, Facebook could have more freedom to bake social interaction and hopefully privacy — deeper into its devices. It could also prevent a disagreement between Google and Facebook from derailing the roadmaps of its gadgets.

It is interesting to note that Facebook, which has a poor privacy record, has announced it will build its own operating system. As Facebook begins work on its own OS, privacy will be the biggest concern as bugs in the OS can mar its dream of an alternative platform to run its devices. In the future, Facebook with its poor reputation on privacy will have tough time to convince people to come on-board their OS.


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