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Are You Ready for the Smart Home in India


Smart homes was once the exclusive domain of the rich. But now, technology has advanced and home automation has become affordable. Read on to know more about it…

Long back, smart home or home automation was the exclusive domain of the rich. But, now, technology has developed so much so that anyone can afford to automate their houses, customized to individual needs and, more importantly, individual budgets.

The concept of smart homes has evolved from pressing buttons to open doors to securing your house and being able to remotely observe and control the home space. Additionally, smart homes tend to be more energy efficient than conventional homes.

Imagination to Reality
Imagine driving up to your house and the gate opening automatically to let you in. The lights leading up to your parking spot come on too. You get out of the car and approach your door. Instead of fumbling for your keys, you simply touch the handle and the door swings open. Somewhere, a voice chimes: “Welcome home.”

As you walk inside, the lights are dimmed to suit your mood and the temperature of the air-conditioner is already set to your preference. There’s no one in the house, yet things are being done just the way you like them.

A few years ago this would be a imagination, but now this is a reality. Smart homes are already a reality and the next home you buy will probably come loaded with several smart features.

Smart Trend
Following the boom in the realty sector, in India new home buyers are opting to add automated elements to their property. While some real estate companies give you such options as add-ons when you buy a new house, more buyers prefer to hire third-party operators who offer comprehensive solutions.

Smartphones and tablets are also helping with this change, allowing home owners to take charge of their houses no matter where they are. So, a smart home is also a connected home.

Potential Market
Smart homes that do your everyday tasks have now come to the Indian market. Several real estate firms are making this a reality as they venture into constructing automated homes. For India’s large real estate companies, smart homes are a great way to tap into the abundant disposable incomes of younger, tech-savvy home buyers.

While smart homes have been around for over a decade, the technology to automate mundane household tasks has come into its own in the last few years. And with the world’s biggest technology companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft entering the space, smart homes are only set to get smarter.

For Amazon, smart homes are a way to go beyond the 100 million customers in India — a move that it says will draw a lot of investments over the next few years. Some of India’s large real estate companies have forged a partnership with Amazon to automate homes using its virtual assistant Alexa, has a smart homes project coming up in north Bengaluru. Other realty firms are also looking to enter the smart homes space.

Clearly, the day is not far when you can get your everyday household tasks done with a simple voice command in a language of your choice.


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