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AppViewX Announces Advanced Low-Code Elements and Reporting Capabilities


AppViewX Announces Advanced Low-Code Elements and Reporting Capabilities at RSA 2019

AppViewX announced new features to its platform to deliver advanced low-code elements and reporting capabilities at RSA.

AppViewX, announced the launch of AppViewX 2019.1.0. The new version of the platform gives enterprises access to additional low-code elements and new integrations, which make end-to-end network automation more intuitive, flexible and user-driven.

With version 2019.1.0, the AppViewX Platform has extended support to include additional automation tools and devices. It also has a highly intuitive report builder that enables users to create reports using data from varied sources. These reports come pre-built and can be customized for teams to provide relevant and actionable insights that helps drive an enterprise’s automation strategy.

“With every release, AppViewX has set the bar higher with regard to low-code automation for NetOps and SecOps,” said Murali Palanisamy, Chief Solutions Officer at AppViewX. “The low-code elements in this release have enhanced the visual and reporting aspects in the platform, making it easier for customers to intuitively automate their network infrastructure.”

Key Benefits of AppViewX 2019.1.0:

• Extended certificate management and deployment support to IoT and Mobile devices, with enhanced security for keys and data storage via vault integrations
• Automate and orchestrate across multiple automation tools, including Ansible playbooks, with advanced auto-enrollment capabilities using a vendor-agnostic low-code platform
• Build your own low-code reports from multiple sources using advanced reporting capabilities
• Support for multiple privileged levels while managing certificates on devices like ADCs and servers
• Enhanced user experience in certificate lifecycle management that enables smart discovery, powerful certificate grouping, and intuitive home page capabilities
• Get an intuitive view to compare compliance and configuration drift reports
• Orchestrate and automate F5 WAF Policies with dual control for security and application teams


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