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An Insight into the New Android Q Beta 5 Release


Recently, Android 10 Q Beta 5 release was made available to the users. Read on to know more about the new Android mobile OS…

Android Q Beta 5 release is the latest software update for Google’s mobile OS, and even though it seems like Pie was just released yesterday, Android Q will be here before you know it. A full release is expected this fall, but Google has announced the new major features for the tenth version of Android at Google I/O. Android Q has oft-requested UI changes like dark mode and improved gestures. Even though those are the things most people will notice, they are not the most crucial features.

Beta 5
The Beta 5 update includes the latest Android Q system images for Pixel and Android jEmulator, along with the final Android Q developer APIs (API level 29), the official API 29 SDK, and updated build tools for Android Studio. These give you everything you need to test your apps on Android Q and build with Android Q features.

To enroll for Android Q Beta 5, just enroll any supported Pixel device here to get the update over-the-air. If you are already enrolled, you will receive the update soon and no action is needed on your part. Downloadable system images are also available.

Getting Started
To get started developing, download the official API 29 SDK and tools into the stable release of Android Studio 3.4, or for the latest Android Q support update to Android Studio 3.5 Beta. Then follow these instructions to configure your environment, and see the release notes for known issues. There will be one more Beta release before the consumer launch later this quarter.

Top Features
Here are some of the top features of Android 10 Q Beta release.

App Permissions: Privacy is a bigger concern than ever before, and with Android Q, Google is implementing some new features for app permissions to help give you a better understanding and more control over what exactly apps on your phone have access to. The “Permissions usage” page in Settings has been completely overhauled to show which permissions are being used by how many of your apps, the ability to filter by permissions to see which apps are using certain ones, and a new UI for the “App info” page.

Missing iconic back button: The back button, a navigation staple of Android, is officially going away with Android Q. Following up on Pie’s gesture-based navigation that kept the aging back button around, Android Q now features a fully gesture-based method of navigation. Swiping up goes home, a swipe up and hold reveals the multitasking menu, and a swipe from the left or right edge of your screen goes back.

System-wide Dark mode: After several years Google’s confirmed that Android Q will have a system-wide dark theme that can be turned on and off at any time via a Quick Settings toggle. Even better, Google also created a new API that developers can use to have their apps go to a dark theme as well when the system-wide one is turned on.


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