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Why Artificial Intelligence & IoT is the Future of Technology


Artificial Intelligence and IoT is the future of technology and there is a clear intersection between these technologies. Read on to know more…

There is a lot of excitement around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) and rightly the experts have predicted that these two technologies is expected to change our lives in unprecedented ways.

There is a clear intersection between the Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. AI is expected to perform a number of intelligent tasks like speech recognition, decision-making, language understanding, etc. It is believed to perform tasks that were earlier limited to human intelligence. In essence, AI is about simulating intelligent behaviour in machines of all kinds.

On the other hand, Internet of Things refers to devices that are interrelated and transfer data over a network. IoT devices do not require computer or human interaction devices, and is already made a debut in daily lifestyle products across the world. IoT devices rely heavily on Internet connectivity. In other words, IoT is about connecting machines and making use of the data generated from those machines.

As IoT devices will generate vast amounts of data, then AI will be functionally necessary to deal with these huge volumes if we’re to have any chance of making sense of the data. Data is only useful if it creates an action. To make data actionable, it needs to be supplemented with context and creativity. IoT and AI together is this context, i.e. ‘connected intelligence’ and not just connected devices. IoT allows flow of data between devices and AI can help to make sense of this data. AI is expected to be the key propellant to the growth of the IoT revolution and take it to a new level.

Traditional methods of analyzing structured data and creating action are not designed to efficiently process the vast amounts of real-time data that stream from IoT devices. This is where AI-based analysis and response becomes critical for extracting optimal value from that data.

Real Time Applications
The marriage of AI and IoT finds good application to improve new products and services of organizations. This can be found in drone and robot-based industrial inspection services. In future, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things combined could be the trigger to really drive smart city business cases — creating not just the connected city but the connected intelligent city. No businesses can ignore either IoT or AI anymore.

The Future
IoT and AI are no longer concepts that can be viewed as a stand alone technology. It would be rare to come up with an IoT implementation not using AI. The IDC estimates that by 2019 AI will be the support for major IoT deployments.

IoT vendors across the world are increasingly including AI support in their applications. These two are among the foremost emerging technologies. They will be hugely relevant in the near future as they will be in the forefront of technological revolution along with Cloud Computing.


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