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Quantum Internet – The Futuristic New Way to Navigate Online


Sooner or later Quantum Internet may be practically viable and everyone is exited over it. Let’s understand the concept of Quantum Internet from the technological aspect…

Sooner or later Quantum Internet may be practically viable and everyone is exited over it. From the user’s expectation in terms of user interface, one cannot expect any ground breaking changes. There’s lots of speculation as to what those benefits might be, including some very cool things like quantum algorithms that would make searching for information online faster or maybe advances in gaming thanks to quantum computers’ potential improvements to AI. However, the real game changer is the security factor which scientists and cryptographers hope it could provide protection against not only theoretical threats but also those we have not thought about.

Before getting into the security aspects of Quantum Internet, let’s understand the concept in brief.

The Concept
The Quantum Internet is a theoretical system of interconnected quantum computers that uses quantum signals to send information rather than radio waves. If implemented, the Quantum Internet is intended to eventually complement the current system of interconnected computers that share information through classical computing means, such as over standard communication protocols that physically connect networks over geographical space. While still in the developmental phase, the quantum internet could have major implications in a wide range of fields

Secure Network
In its potential application, the Quantum Internet would hopefully protect us from planned new computers, along with every theoretical computer for the foreseeable future. In general terms, Quantum technology promises to allow data to be sent securely over long distances. Scientists have already shown it is possible to transmit information both on land and via satellites using quantum bits, or qubits.

Deterring hackers might seem rather esoteric, but it has huge implications for cybersecurity. Hackers can snoop on conventional bits flowing across the internet without leaving a trace. But interfering with quantum units of information causes them to lose their delicate quantum state, leaving a telltale sign of hacking. If qutrits can be harnessed at scale, they could form the backbone of an ultra-secure quantum internet that could be used to send highly sensitive government and commercial data.

The Road Ahead
Freed from many limitations of “classical” networks, quantum computers could provide a level of privacy, security and computational clout that is impossible to achieve with today’s internet. If quantum computers are on the horizon, then we need to prepare the internet to be secure against quantum computers. Quantum Internet today may not be ready, yet, and probably won’t pose a threat to your computer experience for decades. But the Internet will eventually incorporate quantum-inspired security protocols, then maybe actual quantum links. And then maybe one day, you will be running programs incorporating quantum algorithms. And when it’s implemented, you might not realize once it’s already happening. Ultimately, researchers and scientists hope the Quantum Internet will mean more secure network than just a academic research.


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