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Japan-based NEC Technologies launches new smart cities platform in India


Source: ET Telecom

Japan based IT and network technologies company NEC Technologies India Private Limited (NECTI) today announced the launch of a FIWARE-based smart cities platform in India. The company’s new product is based on FIWARE Foundation’s open source platform.

It is a globally accepted open standard interface for data management which makes the new platform ideal for smooth integration with smart city projects that accumulate and process data collected from a wide range of smart city applications, the company mentioned in a release.

DMICDC Logistics Data Services (DLDS) being the first customer of the new product, has implemented this platform and integrated it with their existing Logistics Data Bank system, which is providing tracking services of EXIM containers across India, the company said.

NEC Technologies claims that the implementation of NECTI’s FIWARE-based platform will allow DLDS to seamlessly collect real-time data from a large number of IoT devices (such as RFID readers for container tracking) within its service area.

“DLDS is always looking to leverage advanced technologies to create future-ready platforms. With the introduction of FIWARE, DLDS’s Logistic Data Bank system is ready to scale its operations and support a broad range of smart technologies beyond RFID,” said Abhishek Chaudhary, director, DLDS.

“By innovating and implementing this FIWARE-based smart cities platform, we are able to take another huge step in empowering industries with world class technologies and solutions,” said Piyush Sinha, deputy managing director, NECTI. “I firmly believe the implementation of the new platform will help DLDS further enhance the Indian logistics industry by enabling faster and more informed decision making.”, he added.


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