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How Technology Can Fight Against COVID-19 Virus


Several countries are involved in fighting the Coronovirus using technology. Read on to know more about it…

In response to the coronavirus health crisis, worldwide researchers have made a hard pivot, adapting technology to help check the virus and save lives. At their disposal are numerous technologies that give a human advantage, despite the fast-break spread of COVID-19 once it exited central China and spread across the globe. The disease has afflicted thousands of human lives and poses a serious risk to public health and the world economy.

Noncash Payment Options
A number of countries and Industries are encouraging noncash payment options at merchants and tolls – and in some cases preventing cash transactions entirely – in an effort to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Several countries have increased their contactless transaction value limit to push consumers to use the payment method. To help fight fraud, contactless card payments generally have a value threshold at which consumers must authenticate the transaction – this can include steps like inserting the card’s chip and entering a PIN, in addition to tapping their card. But in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, countries including Egypt, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Malta, Norway, Turkey, and the UK are moving to raise their contactless limits, per NFC World.

These efforts can limit cash transactions and push consumers to make payments that include less contact, which might be appealing during the pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) said it was previously misrepresented when discussing cash’s ability to spread infection, and now simply states that consumers should wash their hands after handling cash to practice good hygiene, per MarketWatch.

Robots may be deployed to take care of patients in isolation wards by serving them food, medicines etc. Robots transports food to patients quarantined in a hotel. In one instance, patients hand over trash and bedsheets to robots. In the US, one patient in the state of Washington is being treated by a robot named Vici, through which he communicates with his care team. Chatbots are being used to keep travellers updated on the latest travel procedures and disruptions.

This technology is being used by large hospitals across the US to safely screen and treat patients from remote places. The Rush University Medical Center in Chicago recently set up a virtual medical line to help screen patients for coronavirus.

Autonomous vehicles & Drones
These are being used to deliver essential goods like medicines and foodstuffs. Drones are used to transport medical supplies to various hospitals they are also being used to patrol public spaces, track non-compliance to quarantine mandates and for thermal imaging.

Work from Home
Today, you only need a laptop and a good Internet connection to access your office server, work on your project and deliver the desired outcomes. One can use online services like TeamViewer for remote access, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers. Working from home is the future, as it will help to save costly office space, reduce transport expenditures and increase employee productivity.

For video conferencing, apps like Zoom and Skype shall be used for any meeting to avoid close gatherings at one place. These apps may be uploaded on desktops/laptops/mobile phones of the employees.


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