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How Good is WordPress for Enterprise Business


Some enterprises use WordPress for CMS. But, is WordPress really good for enterprises? Read on to know why your enterprise business should use WordPress…

Most of the global organizations and large enterprise businesses need to maintain a scalable and reliable web presence to remain competitive. On that aspect, several IT leaders of large-scale organizations have traditionally adopted expensive web solutions requiring proprietary support contracts to retain the quality. However, there is another way to maintain quality and reliable web presence. From a decade of its existence and now powering 33 percent of the web sites, WordPress (WP) is steadily becoming a web solution that demands attention from even large enterprises.

Let’s look into some of the reasons why WordPress is a perfect fit for your enterprise business.

Why WordPress
It’s also often the case that enterprise websites will have to accommodate localization, multilingual content, and several other smaller micro websites. Enterprise solutions also often arrive with complex access requirements which include the need for clearly defined roles and permissions. As the one of the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) with over ten years active development behind it, WordPress is the right choice to meet these requirements. According to W3Techs (as of March 2017), WordPress holds around a 59 percent of the CMS market share.

Flexible Plugins
WordPress’ early decision to make the platform extensible via plugins is one of the key reasons of its popularity and its success. The WP system have enabled the core team to keep the majority of the WP platform relatively streamlined while opening the door for entirely new Industries to emerge by satisfying consumer demand in the form of dedicated plugins.

This is one of the reasons for enterprise administrators to have complete control over what gets added to the base platform on their own installs and retain an easily understood framework for creating their own custom code if necessary. This in turn allows small internal teams to move quickly in terms of prototyping and actual deployment.

Responsive Sites
In a virtual world that is well over the edge of the mobile tipping point, native support for responsive design is a default requirement these days. WordPress’ admin and default themes are responsive by default and front-end developers can choose to either base their designs on any of the many responsive front-end theming frameworks available for WP or roll their own solutions.

Another technical reason why WP is a must for enterprises is that it’s scalable. WordPress is built with core web technologies that have proven themselves over the years and are understood at scale. Whether it’s in terms of database tuning, web server optimization, or advanced caching strategies, WordPress sits in the middle of a generally understood stack so developers will not need to reinvent the wheel when operating at enterprise scale. The success of several enterprises using WordPress shows that the platform can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it when dialed in correctly.

User Friendly SEO
Another key technical advantage to WP is that it’s SEO-friendly which offers out of the box solution. While you may need to install a plugin to make handling on-page SEO a little easier, the Yoast SEO plugin and All-In-One SEO Pack are two popular solutions that spring to mind — on this aspect, WP naturally functions well. In the context of enterprise websites with potentially massive amounts of content, this is a major selling point.

The WordPress REST API opens up altogether to a wider programmatic world. The WP REST API has the potential to change the platform forever and is slowly making its way into the core of the software. When it is available, the REST API will enable developers to programmatically interact with the software in a completely new way. In brief, WordPress is increasingly an application framework that is ready for enterprise use.


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