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Capgemini Invent launches Smart Mobility Connect


Capgemini Invent announced the launch of Smart Mobility Connect, its first premium global offering for the automotive industry. Smart Mobility Connect combines the strategy, technology, artificial intelligence and analytics and creative design expertise of Capgemini Invent to help automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) identify new business opportunities, accelerate implementation speeds and increase customer satisfaction.

 Dr. Rainer Mehl, Managing Director of Manufacturing, Automotive and Life Sciences for Capgemini Invent said, “In this era of hyper-connectivity, everything about the way we buy, own and use a vehicle is transforming. Consumers expect a digital relationship with their car that is as personalized and seamless as their regular online interactions, and OEMs must keep pace to meet and exceed these expectations. Capgemini Invent is championing innovative ways of working to help OEMs tackle the new and evolving reality of the automotive landscape: from incorporating agile methodologies, learning and adapting in real-time, to rapid iteration and prototyping.By empowering automotive businesses with the right capabilities and mind-set, Smart Mobility Connect enables them to continually re-invent themselves as they adapt to their changing environments.”

The new offer comes at a time when automotive OEMs are facing massive industry disruption and new challenges that are altering the DNA of their business. The advent of emerging technologies and continuous innovation means that OEMs need to transition from being pure product companies to placing customers at the heart of their business. 

Capgemini Invent’s new tailored offer for the automotive industry brings the mobility ecosystem to life.



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