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Why Indian Citizens are Deleting Chinese Apps from their Phone


Recently, the ‘Remove China Apps’ became one of the popular downloads in Google Play Store. Read on to know more about it…

Due to incidents like COVID-19 and recent Chinese activity on Indo-China borders, Indian users are uninstalling Chinese apps. This extreme hate towards Chinese products and apps are surfacing while also the idea of ‘Vocal for Local’, to promote Indian apps and businesses. To simplify this, an app called ‘Remove China Apps’ has surfaced on Google Play Store that does exactly what it says. One of the popular app ‘Remove China Apps’ is used by Indian users to recognize and remove the Chinese apps on Android based phones.

It is also noted that the app went live on Google Play on May 17 and since its launch less than 15 days ago, it has been downloaded by over 50 lakh users. The app has largely received positive reviews with 4.9 rating on the Google Play Store. Apart from India, the app is also gaining popularity in Australia, where as per App Annie data, first reported by TechCrunch, the app has reached top five in Tools category.

Why the App
The creators of the Remove China Apps claim that the app is “developed for educational purposes” and it allows users to “identify” the country of origin of certain apps installed on their Android phones. However, as the name suggests, it only identifies apps that are developed by Chinese companies and users can further uninstall them through Remove China Apps if they wish to.

The Remove China Apps is being widely downloaded at a time when anti-China sentiments are on the rise in the country. This sentiment is sparked by several controversies such as the YouTube vs TikTok row, India-China border dispute, and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the country. Notably, a survey recently indicated that 67 percent of Indians hold China responsible for the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Working Mechanism
Remove China Apps is free to download on Google Play Store. The app does not require a login to a function and users can simply select “scan” to identify the Chinese apps on their Android phones.

Once the ‘Remove China Apps’ Android app is installed, it looks for all the apps that are installed on the device, then from that, it populates a list of apps that are made by Chinese developers (looking through its own database of apps). After populating the list, if users wish to uninstall a particular app, they can simply uninstall it from the app by hitting the delete button to the right.

Developed by OneTouch AppLabs (this is the first and only app developed by them as of now) What’s cool about the app is that it doesn’t take any detail for login. One thing worth noting is that the app only shows third-party apps installed on the app, not the pre-installed apps by Chinese smartphone makers like Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo etc.

How to Remove Chinese Apps from Your Phone
Users can remove Chinese apps from their phone by using ‘Remove China Apps’ through the following steps

1. Download and install “Remove China Apps” from Google Play Store.
2. Open “Remove China Apps”.
3. Tap on “Scan Now” to find Chinese apps installed on your Android phone.
4. The app will scan the installed apps on your phone and list the Chinese apps that it finds.
5. If you want to remove any of the listed apps, tap the “Delete” icon next to the app’s name.
6. “Remove China Apps” will then delete the app from phone.


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