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When Internet of Things Meets Artificial Intelligence


With emerging technologies such as IoT and AI, there is a need for AI to wield the vast number of connected “things” online and make sense of endless data streamed in from these devices. Read on to know more…

With the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, the actual applications of combining AI and IoT being used in Industry is more relevant. Artificial intelligence will be functionally necessary to wield the vast number of connected “things” online, and will be even more important in making sense of an almost endless sea of data streamed in from these devices.

IoT and AI
The Internet of Things is positioned as the technology that will allow people to improve and simplify their lives, from the hand of more intelligent ecosystems. IoT will be able to satisfy needs as basic as operating a washing machine or enable the user to access their home security systems. The  Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is the engine or “brain” that will allow the analysis and decision-making based on the data collected by the IoT. In other words, the IoT collects the data and the AI processes the data to give them meaning. You can observe the joint operation of these systems on a personal level in sports tracking devices and in Google Home, Amazon‘s Alexa or Apple‘s Siri.

With more connected devices comes more data that has the potential to provide incredible knowledge for organizations, although this presents a new challenge — how to analyse them all. The collection of these data does not benefit anyone unless there is a system of interpretation to understand them. That’s where the Artificial Intelligence comes into play. Making huge amounts of data relevant and important for the role of Artificial Intelligence.

When the data collected from the Internet of Things is analyzed using Artificial Intelligence, app developers and organizations can make informed decisions by the identification and understanding of patterns in the analyzed data. This entails various benefits, both for consumers and app developers. It allows app developers to find solutions to IoT products and innovations in the IT industry.

The Road Ahead
While the IoT is extremely impressive, in reality it does not serve much without a good artificial intelligence system to take advantage of it. Both technologies need to achieve the same level of development to function as perfectly as we think they should.

Scientists are trying to find ways to get smarter data analysis software and devices for a safe and effective Internet of Things to come true. It could be some time before this happens because the development of the AI goes behind that of the IoT, although, nevertheless, the possibility is still there.

The Integration of Artificial Intelligence into the functions of Internet of Things is fast becoming a condition for digital ecosystems success based on today’s IoT. Therefore, organizations have to move quickly to identify how they will gain the value of combining the AI and the IoT or face up to its updating in the coming years.

The concept of the “Internet of Things” and “Artificial Intelligence” is here to stay. What emerged as a futuristic term some years ago in Industrial applications, has now become part of the vocabulary of researchers and entrepreneurs who see in it the next frontier of intelligent and smart network.


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