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VIAVI to Unveil Advanced Test Solutions at ECOC 2019


From 400G Field Testers to 800G Lab Validation

VIAVI Solutions today announced the slate of new test automation, measurement and monitoring solutions it will feature at ECOC 2019 in Dublin, Ireland, September 23-25. VIAVI is introducing new offerings to enhance the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of test and measurement solutions for lab, production, manufacturing and field environments.

“Fiber is the backbone of all networks in use today, regardless of whether the access technology is FTTH, cable, 5G or Ethernet. VIAVI powers the performance of those networks with industry-leading test, assurance and monitoring solutions for all phases of the production lifecycle, from lab and manufacturing, to field deployment and maintenance,” said Craig Black, Senior Director, Converged Instruments and Virtual Test, VIAVI. “VIAVI is the only vendor simultaneously working with standards bodies, chip developers and module vendors to pioneer 800G, validating production of virtually all of the ROADMs in operation today, and helping service providers construct, maintain and assure networks up to 400G.”

The new solutions include:

T-BERD/MTS 400G Network Tester
From the family of handheld Metro test solutions trusted around the world, the T-BERD/MTS 400G Network Tester equips field technicians to fully address metro/core, data center interconnect, and business services. It provides the latest technology with interfaces such as QSFP-DD and SFP-DD. The T-BERD/MTS 400G solution provides rate integration spanning from 400GE down to T1/E1 in addition to fiber optic testing using OTDRs and WDM Channel Checkers. The supported combinations provide investment protection by covering upcoming and future technology and all legacy protocols. Beyond advanced tests like Optics Self-Test for QSFPx and SFPx pluggables, high-speed cable testing for data centers, RFC 2544/Y.1564, and OTN Check, the 400G tester includes a new intuitive design, test process automation and cloud-based management that together improve workforce efficiency even as networks get more complex.

MAP-300 Test Automation Platform
The MAP-300 photonic metrology and test automation platform is the third generation of a measurement platform recognized for setting the industry standard. The MAP-300 delivers the precision required for laboratory testing, combined with configurability to meet the demands of the manufacturing process. Remote automation functionality, along with multi-user architecture, helps increase capital utilization and dramatically reduce the cost of testing.

ONMS (Optical Network Management Solutions)
The ONMS family offers the modular OTU-8000 Optical Test Unit with a tunable DWDM OTDR and the ultra-compact OTU-5000 rack-mounted OTDR for rapid, automatic identification of fiber events such as bends, crushes, breaks and malicious tapping. A single optical test head can test hundreds of fiber links, and auto reports the GPS location of a fault within minutes, dramatically reducing the time and cost of construction and repair. This scalable platform allows for the use of many wavelengths and dynamic ranges in order to optimize fiber monitoring for a changing network, thereby ensuring accurate fiber monitoring, testing and sensing for reliable service from deployment and activation through operation.


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