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VIAVI Revolutionizes IT Troubleshooting


VIAVI Solutions unveiled Observer 17.5, the latest release of the platform recognized as a leader in Gartner’s network performance management and diagnostics (NPMD) magic
quadrant. Observer 17.5 replaces the plethora of detailed KPIs provided to network engineers with a single outcome-focused end-user experience score to dramatically reduce the guesswork and dead ends that often result from troubleshooting processes utilized by network teams.

According to Forrester Research, one-third of end-user complaints linger without resolution for more than a month or are never resolved. The new,patent-pending end-user experience score simplifies the management and troubleshooting process by describing network and application performance from the perspective of the user as a single numeric value,
along with intuitive problem descriptions and performance visualizations. Adaptive machine learning, running hundreds of data sets through an algorithm, creates a single score for any user transaction. As a part of investigative workflows, engineers can quickly examine
issues and provide focused, filtered wire-data evidence to IT teams.

To ensure the accuracy and completeness of its performance analytics in high-speed network environments, Observer continues its leadership in providing full-fidelity forensics for investigations with interfaces for 10, 40, and now 100 Gb. Observer GigaStor has been validated by third-party analysts to achieve the highest, sustained real-world 40 Gb
performance in the industry without dropping a single packet. As network traffic volumes increase, IT teams can be assured every metric reported is supported by wire data for root-cause analysis and granular reconstruction.

“You can’t monitor your network in a silo because performance metrics don’t equal user experience. Armed with only a one-dimensional view based on network performance data alone, IT support teams are forced to make rough guesses at the cause of user experience issues, wasting time and money,” said Doug Roberts, Vice President and General Manager,
Enterprise & Cloud, VIAVI Solutions. “VIAVI delivers the true power of adaptive intelligence to monitor network conditions from the perspective of users, enabling enterprise IT to stay a step ahead of performance degradation and ensure optimal user experience in real-time.”


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