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Veego Home Scoring Delivers Real-Time Evaluations of Connected-Home Quality


Veego Software, today announced that it has endowed its leading-edge connected-home Smart-Care solution with the industry’s first real-time Home Scoring capability.

Veego Home Scoring grades every home’s quality of experience (QoE) at every moment, providing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with a clear measure of the overall service level. With the real-time Home Score, ISPs can quickly understand the QoE in each home and can flexibly aggregate homes by device types, services, neighborhoods and other attributes.

The overall Home Score comprises dozens of parameters collected from the entire service delivery chain – all the way from the cloud servers, through the WAN (internet), into the home via the router, throughout the home via the WiFi, and to the devices themselves. Home Scoring is uniquely context-aware, taking into account not only device capabilities and the quality of their connectivity, but also the services that users are currently consuming and the specific demands of those services, including bandwidth, latency, packet loss and more. The Home Score also considers transient connected activities occurring in the home at any moment.

All the components of the overall Home Score can be observed individually or in groups of interest. ISPs can easily drill down all the way to the quality component of any specific device or service to see how well it is performing and how it contributes, positively or negatively, to the overall score.

Ruthy Zaphir, Veego’s VP of Customer Success said, “For the first time in industry history, we are empowering our ISP customers with a comprehensive, accurate, and quantifiable measure of their success in delivering QoE, in real time, to each subscriber home. ISPs can also discover exactly how a given device is performing, if the WiFi is adequate, if the surveillance cameras are able to fulfill their mission and, really, any aspect of QoE measurement.”

Veego Home Scoring also enables ISPs to group homes by any demographic. For example, they can examine QoE in homes that stream Netflix to LG Smart TVs, or they can compare the measurements of one neighborhood against another.

ISPs can also use Home Scoring to analyze quality statistics over time, yielding valuable insights from their subscribers’ perspective. For example, an ISP can upgrade the internet capacity in a specific area and then compare the effects before and after the change. In another example, an ISP can measure by how much an extender has fixed a coverage problem in part of a given house or group of houses.

“The possibilities are virtually boundless,” stated Zaphir. “Just think: an ISP can use our Home Scoring to analyze what-if scenarios under controlled conditions. They can change factors in their service package for any chosen aggregate of houses and then measure the consequences.”


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