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Top Priority Technologies for the New Age CIOs


With the global economy being driven by emerging technologies, certain technological areas should be focused by the new age CIOs. Read on to know more…

With the global economy being driven by emerging technologies, certain technological areas should be focused by the new age CIOs. With corporations becoming extremely competitive in a market, it’s high time the CIOs take note and act on it. In this new age, it’s crucial for organizations and its technical head to focus on skills which will ensure maximum innovation and profit.

In today’s world, organizations are now prioritizing specific required components of business such as end-user experience, technical integration and implementation, and obligations to society. Today, emerging technologies are fundamentally changing the way businesses are conducted and everyone is relying on innovative vendors who nurture skills that are the essential components of IT Industry.

The following are some of the areas in which CIOs should focus and ensure the required skills are developed aggressively for the IT industry

Blockchain Technology: Currently, only a few CIOs consider Blockchain technology to be a high priority. However, the ground reality is that almost half of them do plan to increase investment in Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has tremendous potential to bolster data security in various partnership initiatives. Since Blockchain technology records may not be manipulated by an individual network user but is verified and managed by all users — this allows organizational processes to be transparent. As a result, a Blockchain network is a very safe place to transact large chunks of information. By enabling unprecedented authentication capabilities, Blockchain will enable customers to have an unparalleled level of control over their customer experience and their own security.

Voice Assistance Technology: Voice products like Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri are examples of voice technology that can be leveraged by organizations in the coming years. Organizations that use these intelligent technology often play the role of a personal assistant and allow consumers to perform tasks quickly and easily. In addition, several customer service teams are beginning to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbots to accomplish simple tasks such as changing a password. This minimizes the resources of organizations and allow manpower to be free to deal with more intricate or time pressing tasks. However, there are some challenges that might arise by using these technologies. For example, some traditional customers still expect to interact with employees through phone and may not be ready to adapt to AI based chatbots. However, the significance of voice assistance must be recognized in coming years and organizations should strive to adopt these technologies at the earliest.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI has already been integrated and implemented into the lives of consumers. From voice assistance to TV show recommendation, auto-tagging in Facebook pictures and complete search engine customization, Artificial Intelligence is becoming definitive to the customer service experience. Currently, only thirty seven percent of IT professionals at the moment consider AI a high priority. However, AI can be tuned to a number of automation purposes and will raise the bar in consumer- vendor transactions. Artificial Intelligence adoption has also been projected to double in scope over the next couple of years and it is imperative that organizations begin to embrace this technology at the earliest or they may fall behind in future.


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