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Startups Select IBM Cloud


Several startups across industries and geographies have turned to the IBM Cloud to access advanced technologies such as AI, blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT). They include AI sports startup VitRuvian Sports Systems, IoT waste management solution GreenQ, and a blockchain-based digital identity provider, Blinking, amongst others.

VitRuvian created the Zone360 app, a soccer training simulation that uses a machine learning model and data tools on the IBM Cloud. The model gives coaches an innovative way to generate virtual training scenarios, instead of having to set all of the virtual players’ positions manually. For instance, by connecting a headset to their smartphone, players are able to turn their phone into a VR device as Zone360 places them on a virtual pitch, where their coach can ask them to respond to a specific match situation.

GreenQ is transforming how cities sustainably collect waste with an IoT solution built on the IBM Cloud. The solution uses devices installed on garbage trucks to track garbage collection schedules, routes and fleet management – saving cities up to 50 percent on their waste expenditures. Using IBM Cloud Functions, an on-demand, serverless platform, the data is analyzed on a management dashboard and transformed in real-time into recommendations such as re-routing trucks or changing pick up times. As GreenQ continues to onboard new customers, they report that they have already seen several benefits in communities, including streamlining routes to lower emissions.

Blinking gives users control over their data, using Hyperledger Fabric blockchain on the IBM Cloud. Individuals create their own digital identity with a Blinking ID, which includes their personal information, and can authorize or revoke access to third-parties each time they are required to verify their identity. Blinking is piloting a Know Your Customer (KYC) service with five Serbian banks using the IBM Private Cloud.

SmartRural helps farmers across Spain reduce costs and shrink their ecological footprint through analysis of farm data and drone images on their platform on the IBM Cloud. Before moving to the cloud, SmartRural stated that it would take them many days to process just one farm’s data on their in-house server platform. To be able to take on more clients, SmartRural migrated to the IBM Cloud to help drive better performance, security and scalability. SmartRural reports that they can now crunch data faster than before, supporting farmers with the actionable insights they need to deliver good crop yields cost-effectively. On average, they claim to have helped farmers reduce their irrigation, fertilizer and phytosanitary costs by 25 percent.

“The surge in IBM Cloud startup client momentum is not only a clear sign that IBM has the higher value services that are grabbing the interest of startups, but it also highlights IBM’s ability to scale up or down to meet the needs of clients, said Phil Buckellew, GM, Cloud Architecture and Data Services, IBM. “This includes some of the world’s largest banks, retailers, and airlines to the startup growth-engines of tomorrow.”

Today´s news builds on IBM’s enterprise client momentum with recent announcements of major European companies and global brands like ExxonMobil, Bausch + Lomb and Westpac migrating major workloads and modernizing existing infrastructures with the IBM Cloud. Startups and enterprise companies alike find value in IBM’s global footprint and deep industry and business process expertise that can allow businesses across industries to seamlessly scale as they grow.


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