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Prerequisite of Setting up a Work From Home Concept


With the outbreak of Coronavirus, some of the employees are working in their home away from office. Read on to know the prerequisite of work from home concept…

With the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, organizations around the world are encouraging their staff to work in their home away from office till the Coronavirus is reduced and life turns normal.

What should organizations and employees do in such a scenario? For organizations opting ‘Work From Home’ concept for better business continuity and employees working from home, listed below are some of the checklist which will help everyone

* First thing IT should check is the remote working capability in case of ‘Work From Home’ is required.
* Segregate laptop and desktop users first.
* Desktop users should be allowed for “use your own device” or company-owned or rented laptops
* Deploy the endpoint monitoring agents and restrict the access as per the role, responsibility and company policies
* Segregate and define productive applications
* Check readiness of access of all critical application over on Web/VPN
* Vendor, Buyers/Suppliers should also enable for digital platform like VC meeting and emails
* Organizations must enable digital payment capability immediately if it is not there
* Use Wifi/Data Card/Hot Spot for the network connectivity
* To support above action items data Security and access management must be reviewed and validated by IT team

Tools Required
Today, large organizations are adopting the latest technology and have invested in tools that allow remote working and also using the opportunity to use these tools to allow employees work from home. Enterprises must consider the consequences of working from home in terms of systems access, access to internal IT infrastructure, bandwidth costs and data repatriation.

Tools that let you work are listed below

Webex Tool
Cisco owned-Webex which makes video-conferencing applications is a needy tool for organizations asking employees to work from home.

Zoho – Remote CRM Tool Suite
Zoho has released a suite of products that allow remote working. It has packaged eleven of its tools including those used for word processing, making presentations, spreadsheets and project management tools – the suite is meant to target smaller companies and startups which have not invested in remote working tools and which may want an alternative from Google and Microsoft’s products.

Google – Advanced Tools from G-Suite
Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said earlier this month that the company would give free access to “advanced” G Suite features that allow businesses and schools to connect to employees and students from home. Some of these advanced features include live-streaming facilities with up to 250 participants. The feature will be free for businesses and schools till July 1, he said. While Google is yet to make it mandatory to work from home in India, the internet firm has allowed over 100,000 people in US and Europe to do remote working using its hangouts to collaborate with colleagues.

Microsoft Tools for Live Document Collaboration, File Storage
The Microsoft Teams platform used for workplace chat, video meeting and file storage is a necessary tool for working remotely. One can use live document collaborations to increase among its enterprise clients and is now available for an upgrade on file storage. Earlier, the free Teams app had limits on file storage and the ability to record meetings, which have been lifted off since March 10 allowing a free six-month trial of the more advanced version of the app.


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