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Octo Telematics Enhances Service to Insurance Companies


Octo Telematics has renewed and expanded its contract with Orange Business Services. The new three-year contract will allow Octo to manage, monitor and diagnose a large fleet of IoT devices autonomously, which will enhance its customers’ service quality and optimize their operational efficiency. Thanks to this broad collaboration, Octo will also be able to roll out connected solutions faster.

Octo develops and markets a complete range of vehicle telematics solutions, such as automatic crash alerts, on-call assistance and car accident liability analysis. The solutions also range from personal insurance models, such as Usage Based Insurance to shared mobility,
fleet management and eco-driving management. Octo has more than 5.6 million connected users across the world and has a commercial relationship with more than 100 partners.

The Orange IoT Managed Global Connectivity includes SIM coverage across Europe to personalize Octo services, carry out remote analysis and reduce overall running costs.They will be able to collect information and conduct analytics using behavioral, contextual and other telematics data. This will help insurance companies assess risk and enhance the
accuracy of crash notification and claims management while improving customer relationships. Using this technology, insurance companies will also be able to make critical business decisions, evaluating the price risk while looking after their customers.

In addition to IoT global connectivity with embedded SIM cards, Orange is providing an IoT management platform offering automated SIM management via a dedicated portal in real time. Octo will receive support through a team of IoT experts available 24/7 alongside tools
that will allow it to manage its connectivity solution effectively online.

“As a pioneer in the telematics arena, we are continually innovating to provide our customers with an enhanced platform for behavioral,contextual and driving analytics. Orange IoT global connectivity will enable us to build services that seamlessly integrate the data provided
by the SIM cards with Octo’s platform, allowing fleets to be managed in real time across Europe,” said Jonathan Hewett CMO, Octo Telematics.

“Octo Telematics was facing a business transformation and needed an IT partner able to support its growing business throughout Europe, while also providing a personalized service, analysis and remote management. We were able to meet their needs with a solution to manage their connected users in full autonomy, offering them more operational efficiency and flexibility,” said Fabrice de Windt, senior vice president, Europe, Orange Business Services.


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