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Fedbank Financial Services Now Equipped with IceWarp’s Unified Communication Solution


The solution provides availability of an OnCloud solution for Fedfina’s users and acts as a one-stop solution for its challenges

IceWarp has successfully joined forces with a number of small, medium and enterprise level businesses to entirely change the concept of how their teams share information online.

This all-in-one email collaboration platform has now effectively teamed up with Fedbank Financial Services Ltd (Fedfina), a subsidiary of the Federal Bank Ltd. to provide them with a Unified Communication Solution.

Previously equipped with a non-updated version of on-cloud local vendor Email Server, Fedfina faced many challenges wherein archived data had to be taken offline within every 6 months. A constant requirement of migrating the existing data left no room for improvement in their then Mail Server. Absence of solutions for Collaboration and Communications; and Group Chat solutions for the broadcasting of messages brought in limitations leading to stunted growth of the business. Furthermore, lack of significant features such as syncing across devices, non-syncing of Email, Calendar, and Contacts in real time; and the existence of spam added on to its challenges.

Unified Communication solution powered by IceWarp thus acted as a one-stop resolution for Fedfina’s standing difficulties. IceWarp’s praiseworthy solution provided the availability of an OnCloud solution for the users assuring OnCloud archiving with Archivist/Compliance access. IceWarp Outlook Sync and Active Sync allows syncing across multiple devices while presence of Cisco ATP further resolves spam related issues. The solution also has collaborative features including Mailbox and Calendar Sharing, Document Editing and Instant Messaging.

“We are delighted to expand our engagement with IceWarp. They have an incredible team and a strong partner relationship to understand our objectives and provide the best-in-class solutions efficiently. The key factor of IceWarp is that they have revolutionary solutions for communication and collaboration which in return benefits us and further lead them to penetrate deeper into the market and have a stronger hold” stated Aditya Nabar, Vice President &Head – IT at Fedbank Financial Services Ltd.

Speaking on the deployment, Pramod Sharda – CEO, IceWarp India & Middle East said, “The cumulative growth of the list of our clientele has been acting as a constant reminder of us moving closer to our vision. In the past few years, the Indian market has been highly supportive of IceWarp which has added on to our pace of development. As a channel-driven company, our customers remind us to invent and re-invent our technologies, our solutions to further thrive across the globe”.

The administration of Unified Communication solution is quite easier using the IceWarp Administration tools, leading it to be an appropriate solution for Fedfina. IceWarp has already acquired more than 800 customers and is currently present across 50 countries.


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