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Cynet to Bring New Cybersecurity Insights to the Enterprise


Cynet to Bring New Cybersecurity Insights to the Enterprise with Proactive Visibility Offering

Cynet Brings Unmatched Insights of IT Assets and Activities to the Enterprise with its Free Proactive Visibility Offering

Cynet announced the powerful new Cynet Proactive Visibility tool for end-customers and service providers. The free offering provides fast and efficient asset inventory reporting and attack surface elimination in support of security and productivity tasks that organizations struggle with on an ongoing basis.

The Cynet Proactive Visibility tool supports IT/security decision makers who acknowledge the lack of visibility as the inhibitor of critical IT operations, whether as end-users or service providers. Using the new offering, administrators can apply the visualization tool to optimize existing tasks or perform new actions. Other actions that can be performed, include:

• Checking if there are systems and apps with that are missing security patches;
• Identifying the accurate number of hosts, operating system versions, and installed software;
• Customizing and creating asset inventory reports, and
• Discovering risky user accounts and network connections.

Common among today’s enterprise security environments are two areas where the lack of IT system/infrastructure visibility creates challenges. First, there is the maintenance of patched applications, change management procedures and tracking software which can result in system errors over time. This issue is multiplied for security service providers catering to a multitude of customers. With Cynet Proactive Visibility, security administrators can boost the efficiency of security monitoring workflows, enabling MSSPs/MSPs to better address the needs of their customers with greatly reduced efforts.

“There is a critical need for a single-source-of-truth where users get a complete visual of both positive and negative actions/processing taking place across their centralized or distributed IT infrastructure,” said Eyal Gruner, Cynet founder and CEO. “Our Free Proactive Visibility Experience delivers the operational reality of having all this data available with the click of a button, allowing for accurate data-driven decision making.”

Cynet Proactive Visibility is an integrated component of the Cynet 360 Security Platform and includes two additional pillars: Attack Protection, which natively integrating various technologies such as NGAV, EDR, network analytics, UBA and deception; and  Response Orchestration, providing a wide set of both pre-built and customizable remediation tools for infected hosts, compromised user accounts, malicious files and attacker-controlled traffic. Cynet is the first vendor to consolidate all the essential breach protection capabilities and apply them on the entire internal environment in a single interface.


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