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Blackbaud and Microsoft expand partnership


Blackbaud and Microsoft Corp. announced they are jointly investing in an Integrated Cloud Initiative for Nonprofits, which will accelerate cloud innovation in areas that address critical market needs across the mission lifecycle. As part of this initiative, the companies introduced their first jointly-developed solution set: Nonprofit Resource Management, a purpose-built resource management suite optimized for the complex and differentiated needs of nonprofits. Blackbaud and Microsoft have driven significant progress toward their shared goals over the past year and said they intend to go even bigger with the announcement of the Integrated Cloud Initiative for Nonprofits.

“The Integrated Cloud Initiative for Nonprofits will accelerate nonprofit digital transformation to empower them to make an even bigger impact in the world,” said Justin Spelhaug, general manager, Microsoft Tech for Social Impact. “Over the past 12 months, Microsoft and Blackbaud have prioritized building product integrations in high-impact areas defined by nonprofits and partnered with NetHope as founding partners of The Center for the Digital Nonprofit. We’ve listened to the nonprofit community and are committed to building integrated solutions that work together and help these change-making organizations unleash the power of data in ways the market has not yet seen”he added.

The Integrated Cloud Initiative for Nonprofits will deliver interoperable, performance-enhancing solutions that address needs across the mission lifecycle—from raising resources to delivering programs, managing operations and measuring outcomes. The two companies will combine the power of Blackbaud’s industry-leading nonprofit solutions with innovative, jointly-developed and delivered cloud capabilities built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 that leverage the Common Data Model for Nonprofits and Blackbaud’s Intelligence for Good— all backed by Microsoft Azure.

“We’re in an unprecedented era of humanitarian need, and it’s becoming more costly and complex to respond due to global conflicts, natural disasters, and localized challenges,” said Jay Odell, president and general manager, Blackbaud Nonprofit Solutions. “For nonprofits, particularly in the relief and aid space, the ability to effectively source, track, distribute and measure the impact of physical goods is a critical part of delivering their mission. Whether it’s urgently needed medical supplies, disaster response equipment, or essential needs like food and clothing, every dollar saved, and every supply more efficiently distributed has the power to transform and save lives. We’re proud to partner with Microsoft to introduce Nonprofit Resource Management in response to this need.”


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